Sunday, June 13, 2010

Quilt Guild Info for Thursday night & the quilt show...

Hello quilters,
   If you don't have a pink, Sagebrush Quilter's Sweatshirt see Melody immediately.  Please be sure to wear your pink, Sagebrush Quilter's Sweatshirt to quilting on Thursday evening as we're having our picture taken for the newspaper.  It's our photo shoot for the Relay for Life Calendar sales.  200 calendars will be arriving Wednesday.  Mel will compose the article for the newspaper and she will get 6 advertising posters ready to put up around town.
   None of the calendars can be released until you have signed for the amount you want to sell.   The number of calendars and the cash ($20.00 each) have to balance, so the calendars have to be accounted for.   Lin will have the sign up sheet available when the calendars are distributed.    
   Darlene will get in touch with Janet regarding using her Seal-a-Meal machine to seal all the calendars before any distribution.  The guild will reimburse Darlene for the use of her Seal-a-Meal materials.  Janet charged the calendars to her card and she will submit the bill to Lin for reimbursement.
                                          July 4th Quilt show update                                          
   Earlier, Paula said she needs to set the quilt racks up on the 28th of June as she will be out of town on the 4th.  If you can help set up, contact Paula asap.
   Peggy will email Paula to let her know when she will be home so Paula can get the racks.  If you can go with Paula to help load them, please let her know asap.
   We are planning to hang your quilts early on Thursday, July 1st.  Please offer 3 quilts if you can.   Lin will have both the quilt label sheets and the work sheets available soon.  The show is July 2, 3, 4, and 5.  We are planning a Hamburger BBQ Potluck for the workers - more info when available.
   Remember, if you have a stuffed animal that goes along with your challenge quilt, please bring it so we can use it add to the decor?
                                         Outdoor Quilt Show update
    We will be hanging quilts for the Outdoor Quilt Show up at The Village, very early on September 18th.  More info as we know.
Please be considerate and pass this information on to our quilters who don't have email.  Thanks.
Smiles to you,
Linda Sue

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