Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Guild News & Events

*** Is a All Nighter, just to much quilting. Come join Mel's "Midnighter" on Saturday, Oct. 23rd. Happy Hour @ 4. Dinner @ 5. Sardine Sewing @ 6. Contact Mel @ Sew Crazy for more info!!

*** New Year's Eve Quilting at Linda E's. Starts at 9am. lunch served at noon & lot's of sewing till you wilt! More info coming soon.

*** It's time to start thinking about the 2011 quilt show. Who wants to be in charge? Theme ideas? We will be discussing it at the Oct. 9th all day Saturday quilting.

*** Teresa will be sending off 1 more box of pillowcases to our troops overseas. So if your working on or have any ready please bring them to a Thursday night meeting or the next all day Saturday. I'll be mailing them by the 14th of October!!

*** Vet Quilts. com is collecting quilt tops, blocks, fabrics & supplies for making quilts to give to our veterans. This is a great cause so see if you have a couple yards to give!!
702-685-3683 (in Las Vegas)

*** Home Made Starch Recipe from Paula;
Dissolve 1/2 teaspoon cornstarch w/ teaspoons of cold water in a 2-cup heat proof glass measuring cup. Boil 1-cup water and add to mixture, stir constantly. Mix will turn chalky white to milky translucent. Let cool to room temp, then add water to make 2 cups of solution. Put into spray bottle and shake well before each use. Because of no preservatives a new batch will need to be made every week.
See how that works for ya. I wonder if you can make 1/2 batches?
Almost to stitchin'

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Christmas Stockings for service men.

We are making Christmas stockings to send our service men.  Paula Nicholes has the pattern or there are several of us that also have it.  We will also be soliciting donations from local businesses or anyone that would care to donate to fill the stockings.  Local service men will be the first priority to receive one.  Stockings must be turned by thursday night quilting November 4, 2010.