Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Guild News & Events

*** Is a All Nighter, just to much quilting. Come join Mel's "Midnighter" on Saturday, Oct. 23rd. Happy Hour @ 4. Dinner @ 5. Sardine Sewing @ 6. Contact Mel @ Sew Crazy for more info!!

*** New Year's Eve Quilting at Linda E's. Starts at 9am. lunch served at noon & lot's of sewing till you wilt! More info coming soon.

*** It's time to start thinking about the 2011 quilt show. Who wants to be in charge? Theme ideas? We will be discussing it at the Oct. 9th all day Saturday quilting.

*** Teresa will be sending off 1 more box of pillowcases to our troops overseas. So if your working on or have any ready please bring them to a Thursday night meeting or the next all day Saturday. I'll be mailing them by the 14th of October!!

*** Vet Quilts. com is collecting quilt tops, blocks, fabrics & supplies for making quilts to give to our veterans. This is a great cause so see if you have a couple yards to give!!
702-685-3683 (in Las Vegas)

*** Home Made Starch Recipe from Paula;
Dissolve 1/2 teaspoon cornstarch w/ teaspoons of cold water in a 2-cup heat proof glass measuring cup. Boil 1-cup water and add to mixture, stir constantly. Mix will turn chalky white to milky translucent. Let cool to room temp, then add water to make 2 cups of solution. Put into spray bottle and shake well before each use. Because of no preservatives a new batch will need to be made every week.
See how that works for ya. I wonder if you can make 1/2 batches?
Almost to stitchin'

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