Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Nov. Meeting Minutes

Sagebrush Quilters
Meeting Minutes, November 13, 2010

Members were informed of the death of Linda E’s sister. The Guild sent a card of condolence and a donation to the family. A thank you card was received from Linda. It was passed around for all members to see.

Plans for a Christmas party for the Guild were discussed. The party was planned for the second Saturday in December, which is our regular All Day Quilting day. After some discussion it was decided to have snacks ( POT LUCK) and sew on that day. This was a unanimous decision. All members were asked to bring snacks for that day.
Everyone was asked to bring their ideas for next year’s challenge quilt to the meeting in December (12/11/10). We must have the ideas by then so we can choose a challenge and get started for next year’s July 4th Quilt show.

Paula N brought a tote full of 20’s and 30’s fabric from Debbie Norcross’s legacy. Everyone was asked to take an assortment of fabrics and make a small (no larger than 40 inches square) article, such as a table topper, wall hanging, etc. These items will be included in a small quilt show at the Library on April 1, which is Debbie’s birthday. Members are asked to be sure to put a sleeve for hanging on the back of their articles.

Quilting on Thanksgiving was discussed. Not enough people would be able to come so this was dropped.

Paula said that she had been approached by a member of the School Board. They are going somewhere for a meeting and wanted to know if the Guild could whip up something for them to take to this meeting. No one was interested.
Respectfully submitted.
Kathy H, 11/13/10

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